As both of our families have roots in Louisiana, we learned from an early age, that “seasonal cooking and entertaining” is not just an expression—it’s a lifestyle. It is from our shared passion for this way of life that Five Seasons was born.

Louisiana is unapologetically cyclical, with each season being defined by its food and festivities. Spring is synonymous with crawfish, strawberries, and festivals like Mardi Gras. In the Summertime, barbecues, seafood, and sun-ripened tomatoes abound. With Autumn comes tailgating, pecans, and rich leafy greens. Then, Winter brings root vegetables, citrus, and wild game to the forefront just in time for the holidays.

We are constantly inspired by our unique agrarian surroundings. Our goal is to celebrate the natural beauty and explore the versatility of seasonal ingredients. Five Seasons brings you rustic, yet refined food, drinks, and entertaining ideas for every season, plus a “lagniappe” (translation: an added bonus!)—the Fifth Season, which embodies year-round classics.

Regardless of what’s being harvested in your region, we hope our love of all things seasonal inspires you to get cooking!



Five Seasons / Erin & Lauren
Baton Rouge, Louisiana